Préfecture advises public to enjoy festivities responsibly


 ~ For accident-free New Year ~

MARIGOT–The Préfecture cautions the population to be extra safe on the roads for the upcoming New Year celebrations.

  “End of the year festivities is a time to be with family but also the time to be very aware of the risks of consuming too much alcohol, or drugs which are prohibited,” it said in a release. “This behaviour in most cases is the cause of dramatic accidents on the roads with serious consequences for victims and families.”


  As such, Police and Gendarmes will be conducting traffic controls over the holiday period.

  The Préfecture advises partygoers to adhere to the following precautions: wear a seatbelt when driving, drivers as well as passengers; respect speed limits and safe distance between you and the car in front, and exercise courteous behaviour to other road users.

  Do not wear headphones when driving as the sound can cause a distraction. Never use handheld devices (cellular phones) to communicate when driving but use the integrated hands-free features of the car (Bluetooth).

  Drivers of two or three wheeled vehicles, or quads: wearing of a helmet and European Community CE certified gloves is obligatory. In addition, wear a jacket, long pants, and closed shoes for added protection.

  Pedestrians: Make sure to see and be seen. Wear a fluorescent waistcoat with reflective bands, or light-coloured clothing. Carry a flashlight to be seen in the dark.

  Cyclists: Wearing of a certified bicycle helmet is obligatory for children under 12 years old. Adults are also advised to wear helmets.

Source: The Daily Herald