Préfecture says ‘yellow’ weather advisory to stay in place until Tuesday afternoon

MARIGOT–The Préfecture indicated Météo France has placed St. Martin and St. Barths in the “yellow” weather advisory for heavy rain and strong thunderstorms until Tuesday at 5:00pm. A meeting between the Préfecture, Collectivité, and intervention services was held Monday to assess the situation.

President Daniel Gibbs made a tour of the French side and the schools to see the effects of the weather. Flooding was reported in French Quarter. The Gendarmerie said, however, it was not aware of any incidents or rescues taking place.

The Préfecture said more rain – between 30mm and 50mm – is possible as well as thunder on Monday night, but weather conditions will improve on Tuesday. In the event of more heavy rain the situation will be evaluated and another communique issued.

Schools were closed at midday Monday on the French side and parents were invited to pick up their children although transportation was also organised. Only the Cité Scolaire and Lycée remained open for exams to be taken until 4:00pm.

Some schools have been impacted by the showers and have to be cleaned. The schools are due to open again today.

Source: The Daily Herald