Préfète Anne Laubies presented decorations to four Police Nationale officers during the 77th “L’Appel de Juin 18” anniversary on Sunday, June 18.

Anniversary of Général de Gaulle’s

1940 radio appeal commemorated

MARIGOT–Préfète Déléguée Anne Laubies and President Daniel Gibbs laid wreaths at the war memorial in the garden of Hotel de la Collectivité on Sunday in remembrance of Général de Gaulle’s famous June 18, 1940, BBC radio appeal to the French people.

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  Also present for the 77th anniversary of the famous speech were members of the St. Martin War Veterans Association, Police and Gendarmerie, and Junior Territorial Council members.

  The occasion was an opportunity for Préfète Laubies to present long service medals to four Police Nationale officers in St. Martin. Major Abelard was presented with a gold medal for 30 years of service, and Sergeants Perrier and Van-Houtte, and Deputy Sergeant Lienafa received a silver medal for 20 years of service.

  De Gaulle’s speech in London to the French people rallied the country in support of the Resistance. He declared that the war for France was not yet over. The appeal is often considered to be the origin of the French Resistance to the German occupation during World War Two.

Source: The Daily Herald