Preparations for reconstruction of USLAUNDRY in full swing | THE DAILY HERALD

An artist impression of what the USLAUNDRY building will look like once completed.



COLE BAY–Like many businesses in St. Maarten, USLAUNDRY was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

  Due to the irreparable damage, the service of the industrial laundry was forced to end, but owner Hans van der Moot did not throw in the towel. With a lot of dedication, he continued the activities of the laundry from a temporary location.

  The old location has now been cleaned and preparations for the construction of a new plant are in full swing. The new laundry, which is to be fully operational by June 2020, will compete with the world’s leading laundries, Van der Moot said.

  Due to the newly equipped state-of-the-art machinery and the sustainable, driven mind-set, the laundry will be equipped to meet all current and future- but also local and international requirements in terms of safety, sustainability, hygiene and durability, Van der Moot stated.

  “It was not easy at all, but I’m glad that we have been able to maintain the employment on St. Maarten for about 50 people. From our temporary location, we are currently fully operational. Furthermore, my staff and I hope to start the construction of our new building as soon as possible. It will become a very modern, hurricane-proof building, equipped with a state-of-the-art machine park with all the professional facilities that belong to an industrial laundry,” he said. “For instance, we use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to monitor and transport every single piece of textile. Of course, we apply all possible innovations around water, energy and wastewater management. For instance, USLAUNDRY will be fully self-supporting in terms of energy.”

  Before Hurricane Irma, USLAUNDRY was a medium-sized industrial company that provided service to hotels, restaurants and healthcare Institutions. By investing heavily in increasing productivity and quality, USLAUNDRY is now “stronger than ever,” for the time being from a temporary location, but in time from a very modern new building in Cay Bay. “We are proud of all those involved that we can serve all our customers and other partners again and that we can also make a significant contribution to the employment of St. Maarten, two years after the ruins of Hurricane Irma,” Van der Moot said.

Source: The Daily Herald