President Gibbs pays tribute to the women of St. Martin

MARIGOT–On the occasion of International Day of Women’s Rights on Thursday, President Daniel Gibbs offered his own personal tribute.

“I have a thought for all the women of our island. Because of their many qualities, they have been able to shape St. Martin’s society,” he said. “We can only salute their self-sacrifice, their strength of character and the central role they play in households, which are on all fronts.

“The ordeal we went through on September 6, 2017, highlighted their resilience, their courage and their ability to overcome obstacles to carry the people they love with them. More broadly, I would like to pay tribute to the Caribbean woman, a proud and determined woman, a strong and attentive woman, a true pillar of our modern societies.

“The struggle for respect and women’s rights is more topical than ever. Women must still and always fight for equality in the professional world, to be recognized and respected for their rightful value. This day should prompt us to question the status of women, the essential role they play in our lives and their place in society.

“I invite all our fellow citizens to celebrate this day dedicated to women’s rights, to promote equality and respect for those around us. I wish all the women of St. Martin an excellent day.

Source: The Daily Herald