Preventing underage drinking in focus during Saba Carnival

Members of the Working Group Substance Abuse with a poster.


SABA–Carnival is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events on Saba with colourful costumes, great music, and sensational parties. To ensure that everyone can enjoy this event it is deemed important to be aware of potential hazards. This year, a campaign has been developed with the aim of preventing underage drinking.   The brain of a teenager is still developing and is, therefore, more vulnerable to the damage alcohol can inflict. Two recent incidents involving minors that were treated for alcohol poisoning show the urgency of this matter on Saba, according to Saba Government Information Service (SGIS) in a statement on Thursday.

  The campaign is one of the initiatives of the Working Group Substance Abuse with participants from Saba Healthcare, Public Entity Saba, Public Health Saba, Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN, Centre for Youth and Family, Mental Health Caribbean, social workers, schools and the hospitality sector.  The multimedia campaign will consist of posters in the Carnival Village at Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom, and at all the bars on Saba. Audio clips will be played on the radio and in the Village.

  A town-hall meeting took place last week with information about a safe and fun Carnival.

Warning sign at the Carnival Village at Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom.


  The promoters have received extra instructions not to sell alcoholic beverages to minors, and are encouraged to ask for identification (ID) when in doubt. Security personnel in the Carnival Village will be alert for minors drinking alcoholic beverages.

  Several partners are also starting awareness campaigns in various forms on topics, such as drinking and driving, unprotected sex, dehydration, heat stroke and hearing damage. “Let’s all look after each other and have a great Carnival,” SGIS said.

Source: The Daily Herald