Prime organises healthy snacking programme | THE DAILY HERALD

Pupils from one of the participating schools.

COLE BAY–In an effort to promote healthier snacking habits, Prime Distributors has organised a sampling programme in various schools.  

It began at Sister Borgia Elementary School with Group 6 pupils in September. The objective of the sampling is to highlight snacks that are lower in glucose (sugars) and that are still enticing and healthy for children to consume and take to school as part of their lunch kits.

“It is not a secret that we are trying to promote healthier habits, and healthier habits come from educating the consumer on the benefits of particular products. In this case it is important to share with our children the ingredients of some of their favourite snacks like juices and cookies,” Prime Distributors said in a press statement.

“We are proud to have brands in our portfolio that can assist with the nutrition programme of our children by eliminating high content of sugars, no added colouring or preservatives and 100 per cent juices – Kraft 100 per cent Juice Punchers, Voortman Sugar Free Cookies, Nestle Breakfast Cereals, etc.”

Prime Distributors Senior Trade Marketing Coordinator Kenty Lichtenberg said the idea is to have the programme implemented in the schools, get pupils’ feedback and create an opportunity for pupils to discuss this issue with their parents, which serves a healthy discussion to have at home.

Prime Distributors is also open to any institution that may be interested in partnering with it to implement the sampling programme and support healthier lifestyles and initiatives. For additional information contact Prime Distributors at tel. 544-3700 ext. #236.

Source: The Daily Herald