Prins Willem-Alexander recognizes Special Ed. Day

PHILIPSBURG–December 2 is recognized internationally as Special Education Day. On St. Maarten, there is one public elementary school for special education. It is the Prins Willem-Alexander School. The school caters to students with varying disabilities including Down Syndrome, Autism, Intellectual Disability, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

Special Education Day marks the anniversary of the U.S. federal special education law- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)- which was signed in 1975. The law made it mandatory that children with disabilities are provided access to appropriate public education tailored to their individual needs.

This year, the Prins Willem-Alexander School celebrated Special Education Day with activities that included the making of a video that will be showcased on the school’s Facebook page in which the students will be shown doing various activities and saying a slogan related to the day.

A catered lunch was sponsored by GEBE and pupils were treated to a movie. School director Ana LaBega stated, “This is the first year we celebrated Special Education Day, and we plan to make it a yearly event. Special Education Day is all about recognizing that children with special needs can learn.

“They do not all learn at the same level or at the same rate, but they can learn and they deserve to be given the opportunity to learn in a safe setting where their individual learning needs are addressed. We are proud of the role that our school- PWAS- plays in providing education to students with special needs on St. Maarten,” said Labega.  

Source: The Daily Herald