Prison cells searched Tuesday in connection with missing men

POINTE BLANCHE–A search took place in the Pointe Blanche prison on Tuesday in connection with the mysterious disappearance of Edwin Rosario and Luis Diaz Sarante, both 23.

A total of four prison cells were searched, according to Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Gino Bernadina. The investigation was led by the Prosecutor’s Office in collaboration with members of the St. Maarten Police Force in the presence of an investigative Judge.

One of the cells searched was that of the suspect T.F. and a cell phone and documents were confiscated by officers.

Self-made weapons also were found during the searches and handed over to prison management.

Both missing men were last seen in the vicinity of Simpson Bay Resort in the afternoon of Monday, December 5, 2016. Nothing has been heard from them since then.

Suspects T.F. and K.S.S.S. were detained in the investigation on February 16 and 17 respectively and are still in pre-trial detention.

The investigation continues.

Source: The Daily Herald