Prison guards suspected of drug-smuggling by director

POINTE BLANCHE–Five prison guards at the Pointe Blanche prison are suspected by management of smuggling drugs into the facility. On their arrival to work on Wednesday morning, the guards were served letters informing them that they should go home and that they are suspended.

Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo said in an invited comment, “Management has informed me that they suspect these guards of transporting illegal drugs into the prison and they have requested the workers not to report to work, as an investigation is ongoing. I am following all procedures and listening to both parties.”

The workers immediately involved their union, the WICSU/PSU, but the new union president Julia Solognier has been mum since taking up the post. The Daily Herald tried to contact Solognier for comment on Wednesday, but was unable to reach her. She has yet to call a press conference or give press statements about the union’s plans to resolve the issue.

Sources close to the union informed this newspaper that the workers would continue to show up for work until the right procedures were followed to dismiss them. The five workers are upset about the way the prison management is handling the situation and they plan to take legal action if necessary.

Source: Daily Herald
Prison guards suspected of drug-smuggling by director