Prison inmates continue strike | THE DAILY HERALD

POINTE BLANCHE–Inmates on strike inside Pointe Blanche prison are continuing their action in their bid to improve the conditions under which they are being detained.

  The inmates who are holding “jobs” inside the prison, such as doing kitchen work or cleaning, have not resumed their duties as yet. They have been on strike since last week Wednesday, October 23.

  In the meantime, representatives of the Inmates Association have informed the prison director that they will be keeping their peace for now and not resorting to any type of unrest. They said this in response to the director’s promise that he would respond to their letter of grievances this week.

  The spokesperson for the inmates said that future steps will depend on the prison director’s response, in which the Ministry of Justice will also be involved.

  The spokesperson said that a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Justice would take place on Monday. Up to press time the outcome of that meeting was not known.

Source: The Daily Herald