Prison to be built behind police station

St. Eustatius Police Station.


ST. EUSTATIUS Plans are on the way for the construction of a prison behind the St. Eustatius Police Station.

Government recently announced it intends to amend the spatial development plan to allow for a penitentiary as an extension of the station on Van Tonnigenweg and Cottageweg. The planned extension is expected to include a seven-metre high wall along Cottageweg.

The full plans for the prison extension are available to the public at the Planning Bureau in Fort Oranje. Objection to the amendment must be filed by Tuesday, February 13.

Some residents have already publicly expressed concerns about the planned prison’s proximity to Gwendolyn van Putten School and Golden Rock School, a two-minute walk away. The location is situated very close to the historical core of the island.

Source: The Daily Herald