Progress on salvaging boat wrecks ‘better than it looks’ says operator


Work is well underway in Oyster Pond

SIMPSON BAY–A local salvage operator said Monday as far as he is concerned daily salvage work to lift damaged or wrecked yachts is progressing satisfactorily even though this may not seem obvious to observers who see little happening in the Simpson Bay Lagoon for example.

  “I would say we have lifted 30 to 40 vessels to date, mainly in the Lagoon,” said Managing Director Steve Coetzer from Seacure Marine Construction. “We did one on Friday, another two on Saturday and another one today. It takes time lifting them and moving them somewhere else. Permits are coming through quite regularly now. We have six permits ready for Simpson Bay Marina and prepared another one today at Port de Plaisance for lifting tomorrow.”

  The rule is still one permit per boat, but several requests can be made at a time. Aquatic Solutions is the other salvage company working in Oyster Pond and in the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

  “It’s going a lot better than it looks,” Coetzer added. “It took a long time for insurance companies and everyone to get organised. You don’t notice it but between the two of us a few boats are lifted every day and we work all over the place so it’s not always visible.

  “As far as I’m concerned VROMI was never the bad guy. Initially it was very disorganised and everyone was doing what they wanted to do. They (VROMI) had to step in to control it and make sure standards were being adhered to. Delays have also been caused by awaiting authorisation from owners or insurance companies.

  “As far as environmental impact is concerned, I don’t see diesel and oil floating on the water. Vessels under the water are obviously not good but I don’t see it as the huge impact that it’s made out to be. But I could be wrong.”

  Another newly-formed company is reportedly organising itself to do salvage work. Coetzer says he has no problem with other companies coming in as there is plenty of work as long as it is a level playing field.

  Berman Consultancy, Legal and Trust, acting on behalf of Simpson Bay Marina and IGY’s Isle de Sol Marina has issued notices for damaged vessels to be removed from both marinas by owners before November 21, 2017. The notice concerns four vessels at Simpson Bay Marina and 16 at Isle de Sol Marina.

Source: The Daily Herald