Promotional Board planning massive Philipsburg clean up

PHILIPSBURG–The Philipsburg Promotional Board in collaboration with several partners are working together to conduct a major clean-up around Philipsburg, starting Saturday, July 15, and continuing until July 24.

Partnering in this initiative are the Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure VROMI, community leader in Fort Willem Clement Jones, Down Street Home Owners and Business Association’s representative Gregory Arrindell and Robelto Richardson from Over the Bank.

The clean-up exercise is being done in an effort to “bring back pride” to the country’s capital and grow its economy with the help of stakeholders. The Philipsburg Promotional Board said it decided last month to piggyback on the annual pre-hurricane clean-up exercise, which it said is mostly centered on providing trucks to move old household furniture to the landfill. Community leaders in the area mobilized residents in their respective neighborhoods to go out and clean up their areas in town. “Persons in my area are very excited, as they see it as a coming together of the neighborhood,” Jones said.

The Philipsburg promotional Board said it is hopeful that authorities will soon grant a “long overdue major cleaning contract,” to cover the center of town and up to Emmaplein and beyond, “to give Philipsburg a cleaner look, for a vibrant feeling in the capital.”

The Philipsburg Promotional Board thanked ACE and Kooyman for providing garbage bags, gloves and bottled water to assist with the clean-up campaign. The board said it is also appreciative of Real Auto, which is considering sponsoring several billboards that will be placed in various areas of Philipsburg. The billboards will read: “Welcome to Philipsburg: Keep it Clean, For You & Me. It’s our capital.”

The Philipsburg Promotional Board also met recently with VROMI, garbage collector All Waste in Place; the dump management Robelto and Sons and with merchants in Philipsburg to find ways on how to dispose and manage the garbage placed out on the streets daily in an unattractive manner. The organisation said it is about strategizing ideas with businesses and residents in Philipsburg to stimulate the day-time economy and regenerate the night economy in Philipsburg.

Source: The Daily Herald