Property owners: no deal signed for Weymouth Hill resurfacing

SOUTH REWARD–Member of Parliament (MP) Maurice Lake and Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Angel Meyers seem to have jumped the gun when announcing the resurfacing project of Weymouth Hill Road on Wednesday afternoon.

The Mildrum Family represented by Iris Gibbs-Hodge have taken issue with the project since the Mildrum heirs have rights to the property at the entrance of the road and no agreement has yet been signed with government for the use of part of that property.

In a statement to this newspaper, the family mentioned that the street has been a track and through the years, residents have dug out and shaped the property to accommodate their needs without consulting with property owners.

“The residents never paid a cent for the use of the property for all the years they have been using the property. They used the property at their leisure. Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers approached an heir to the property and asked to pave the man-made road. This meeting with the heirs to the property was requested by Parliamentarian Maurice Lake, who did not attend the meeting.”

Several heirs to the property were present at the meeting, which took place last week Monday. Several conditions were discussed by both parties. VROMI would draft the document pertaining to the paving of the road, indicating conditions and forward it to the heirs for their review. This document was not sent and on September 22, heirs read in the newspapers that the street will be resurfaced.

“Please do not use that piece of property for political mileage. Do not fool the people of Weymouth Hill with regard to that road in an attempt to gain votes. That road is on private property and the business people who spoke to you or whomever should know to come and speak to the heirs of the property.

“The heirs have not signed off on any agreement concerning the road, because nothing was presented to the heirs to sign off on. This type of political game is unacceptable and the heirs are not encouraging it,” stated Gibbs.

Source: Daily Herald
Property owners: no deal signed for Weymouth Hill resurfacing