Prosecutor has no case in fatal road accident

SABA–On June 11, a fatal car accident took place in the vicinity of Saba Electric Company (SEC). After investigating the case, the Prosecutor’s Office has arrived at the conclusion that none of the persons involved can be held responsible for the fatal accident, Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN announced Friday.

  The driver of the vehicle, identified as F.A.J. (74), who was driving from Windwardside, died as a result of the accident. His wife M.J.H. (76) survived. Their vehicle collided with a car with four passengers coming from The Bottom. The passengers of this vehicle remained unharmed, with the exception of some minor injuries, the Police said.

  The police investigated the accident and heard witnesses. The situation on-site had also been investigated.

  “It cannot be concluded that one of the drivers can be held responsible for the fatal accident. The Prosecutor will therefore not proceed to prosecution,” the Police said.

Source: The Daily Herald