Prosecutor pursuing lead of missing Antigua man | THE DAILY HERALD


 MARIGOT—Prosecutor Yves Paillard said Thursday the investigation into the discovery of two male corpses in Baie Lucas near Oyster Pond is focusing on information regarding a missing man from Antigua who arrived in St. Maarten on Saturday, November 10.

  This newspaper received photos and a description of the missing Antigua man from the family which were passed on to the Gendarmerie on Wednesday evening in the hope a match could be made with one of the corpses.

  Paillard however was guarded with his comments. “It is too early to say if one of the bodies is that of the Antigua man. We are not absolutely sure and cannot confirm.  But there is no suspicion of any crime.”

  The missing Antigua man is named as Pedro Potter (37) who has two young boys according to his family.

  “He travelled to St. Maarten alone by plane,” his sister told the Daily Herald by phone from Antigua. “He is a mechanic and repairs cars and boats. He goes often to St. Maarten to buy parts.  He normally stays about two days and sometimes sees some friends.  But this time we heard nothing from him which is very unusual and why we are so worried.  We are not sure what he was travelling for this time.”

  The sister indicated she had been contacted by the Gendarmerie to say the autopsy on the bodies would be done on Monday, November 19.

  Following sightings by the public, Gendarmes pulled the first body from the water in Baie Lucas on Tuesday and the second body on Wednesday afternoon in more or less in the same place.  Both were young Antillean males.  The investigation continues.

Source: The Daily Herald