Prosecutor releases father and son in Welfare Road accident


PHILIPSBURG–The Prosecutor ordered the release of R.A.P. (56) his son R.P. (27) on Wednesday, but both remain suspects and received summonses to appear in court on April 19.

R.A.P. is accused of assault, threats, defamation and non-compliance with a police order. R.P. is accused of public disorder, assault, threats, defamation and non-compliance with a police order.

The suspects were arrested by the police following a head-on collision on Welfare Road near Daily Extra supermarket in Cole Bay on Sunday, March 4, around 1:45am, involving a black Hummer which R.P. was driving and a red Toyota car.


According to the Prosecutor’s Office, a police officer was threatened during the incident, resulting in the officer firing a warning shot. The status of the officer involved in the incident, and whether he has been or will be placed on suspension during the investigation, could not be ascertained.

An investigation is ongoing. Suspects and witnesses will be questioned in the coming days, and video footage of the incident will be studied.

The Prosecutor’s Office calls on anyone who may have witnessed the accident to come forward and give their recollection of the incident. Persons who may have recorded this incident on their mobile phones are asked to make these videos available to the police.

Source: The Daily Herald