Prosecutor’s Office Bulletin

The Solicitor-general of Sint Maarten, Jan Spaans, demanded today in Court of Appeal sentences of life in prison, 25 years in prison and 4 years prison respectively for the suspects R.D. (Sint Maarten, 1992), J.L. (Sint Maarten, 1995) and O.A.C. (Sint Maarten, 1981)in the MENAM-case.

MENAM is the investigation into the armed robbery on jewelry store Oro Diamante in Frontstreet during when police-officer Gamali “Benji” Benjamin was shot and killed during the escape of the suspects.

The men were sentenced earlier to prison sentences in 2016. Today the case was treated by the Court of Appeal. Sentence will be probably in three weeks, on February 23rd. 2017.

Source: The Daily Herald