PSS workers down tools, not paid for November

PHILIPSBURG–Postal Services St. Maarten (PSS) workers downed tools on Monday and walked to the Government Administration Building with their union representatives and management, to protest the non-payment of their November salaries and to seek government’s intervention for the payment of their salaries.

The action of the workers resulted in the build-up of a small crowd of upset clients outside of PSS, who wanted to use the Money Gram services, but couldn’t. While most of the clients were upset, at least one client said he understood that the workers needed to fight for their rights.

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During their protest action, the workers, St. Maarten Communications Union (SMCU) and management walked to the Government Administration Building, where the union requested an audience with caretaker Prime Minister Rafael Boasman to determine what government can do to ensure that the workers get paid. Boasman was scheduled to have a meeting with a Dutch delegation and arranged to meet with union representatives and PSS management this afternoon.

The workers, management and union then left the building. The workers are adamant with the support of their union that they will not work until they are paid.

SMCU President Ludson Evers said PSS does not have any funds to pay its staffers. The postal service has been in a financial crisis for several years. This crisis had been compounded by the passage of Hurricane Irma which severely damaged its main location resulting in PSS having to relocate to a temporary location obliquely opposite its original location. In addition to the payment of salaries, PSS also needs funds to cover its operational expenses.

Source: The Daily Herald