PSVE recognises nine outstanding students | THE DAILY HERALD

The outstanding achievers.

EBENEZER–The St. Maarten Academy Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) Section honoured nine students for their outstanding academic achievement in Term 1 of the 2018-2019 academic year.

These students were recognised in the presence of their parents at a general assembly on Wednesday, March 6. The students honoured received 75 per cent or higher in 10 subjects, failing none or had the best overall performance for their respective levels.

The honourees were Diana Dele (1A), Wilna Laine (1E), Hillary Cartagena (2C), Joseph Lejuez (B3C), Jordani Labady (P3A), Michnaider Tavernier (P4A), Medarleny Pena Colastica (P4A), Keeron Baptiste (P4A) and Khalid Tavernier (B4D).

Students who were nominated for the GIFTED Royalty Awards were also recognised. They were Roshania Benjamin (Athletics), Hopeton Somers (Athletics), Keeron Baptiste (Academics), Adriana Peterson (Leadership), Camille Allen (Expressive Arts) and Tyler Percival (2A) who won the GIFTED Young King Award in the Expressive Arts category.

At the general assembly, students were also updated on the school’s reading competition which is coordinated by the English Department in collaboration with the school’s library.

Soccer team captain (trainee) Hopeton Sommers addressed the gathering and, together with Ronaldson Delice, displayed the school’s new uniform for its soccer team.

Source: The Daily Herald