PSVE rolls out curriculum for CXC’s CCSLC on August 13 | THE DAILY HERALD

Education Minister Wycliffe Smith with representatives of St. Maarten Academy PSVE, the FAVE school board and Education Ministry officials.

EBENEZER–St. Maarten Academy’s Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) section presented its implementation plan to Education Ministry officials on Monday, to facilitate the full rollout of the school’s Caribbean Examinations Council CXC Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC), for Form 1 students when school reopens on August 13.

Academy PSVE began a CCSLC pilot on January 8, with all students in Form 1 and an accelerated class at the second form level. Students in the pilot group completed all 14 subjects offered at Form 1 and Form 2 levels at the end of the school year. At that time, the school met with then-Education Minister Silveria Jacobs and Senior Policy Officer Ruth Verbeek, to share its vision for the pilot and plan for the new educational direction of the school in August.

“The school is very pleased with the trajectory of these developments, since they are in line with the vision to chip away the negative stigma associated with the PSVE campus and improve its business brand for its valued customers – the PSVE students and their parents/guardians,” the school said in a press release.

“The negative stigma is felt most when students graduate, have to be transferred to another school or when parents/guardians are to make secondary school choices for their sixth-graders. With this programme, parents/guardians now have an opportunity for their vocational student to receive a recognised certificate across the commonwealth.”

The school said there are also benefits for teachers. The CCSLC programme syllabus, online support from CXC and available textbooks for students are great advantages to the teacher. The CCSLC curriculum is expected to improve Academy PSVE’s service delivery by enhancing teaching and learning at the PSVE campus at the foundation level.

CCSLC is a secondary-level qualification developed by CXC and offered in the Caribbean region since 2007.

The Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE) delegation met with Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (ECYS) Wycliffe Smith; the Minister’s Senior Policy Advisor Ruth Linger; Ministry Acting Secretary-General Shermina Powell-Richardson; Division of Exams head Yvette Halley; Inspector-General Dorothe Illis-Laurence; and Division for Educational Innovation acting head Oralie Boirard during Monday’s meeting.

FAVE’s delegation was led by board Chairman Roland Duncan and included board members Romeo Pantophlet and Elroy Hughes, FAVE’s Executive Assistant Daphnie Benders, FAVE’s Educational Coordinator/Advisor Roberto Arrindell and Academy PSVE Principal Lavern Nelson.

Source: The Daily Herald