Public Notice from GEBE: | THE DAILY HERALD

WE hereby inform you that the power plant is experiencing some issues on one of our larger engines.  We currently have 7 cables de-energized.
Cole Bay
Over the Bank — parts of Point Blanche, parts of Yrausquin Blvd, parts of Guana Bay
Towers–Parts of Cupe Coy,
Kim Sha — parts of Pelican, Western part of welfare rd, and Eastern part of Airport Blvd
Belvedere — Dutch Quarter, Bishop Hill, parts of Oyster Pond
Madame Estate–parts of Madame Estate, Arch Road, he Keys and parts of UPQ
Indigo/Saunders–parts of Cay Hill,

The team is working on restoring power to the affected areas. B There is a possibility of Load Shedding today of which we will indicate.


Source: The Daily Herald