Public Service Employee Recognition award winners for 2018 announced | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA–On Thursday evening, June 21, on the lawn of the Government House, Anguilla’s Deputy Governor Perin Bradley announced and congratulated the 2018 award winners in the eight categories comprising the annual Public Service Employee Recognition award ceremony.

Bradley, head of Anguilla’s public service, said, “This is my most favourite event because it allows us to thank our colleagues and celebrate their achievements. I thank all the nominees as you are the very best of us and I wish you well. I also want to thank the entire public service for all they do daily to keep the country running and functioning smoothly.”
The eight award winners were: Henderson Burgess, Teacher – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty; Shanicia Richardson, Department of Youth and Culture – Outstanding Customer Service; Energy Efficiency Committee: Gregory Woodley and Laredo Gumbs – Innovativeness; Sabrina Boodram, Teacher – Security and Safety Achievement; Carolyn Richardson, Customs – Anguilla Public Service Image; Gregory Woodley and Laredo, Inland Revenue, – Collaboration; and Tracelyn Hamilton, Education-Primary School Principal – Inspirational Leadership and Public Servant of the Year awards.
All award winners, upon receiving their certificate, took the microphone to voice their appreciation for being selected, thanked their supervisors and co-workers for their support, and promised to continue to do their very best in the delivery of services to the public. Hamilton, who was recognised as the Public Servant of the Year as well as receiving the award for Inspirational Leadership, said, “I believe that as a leader, you must really lead. Leadership is about empowering others. My motto is ‘Be the change you want’ and it gives me great pleasure when I see the change that I want in my staff – that is what matters.”
During Bradley’s address, he took the opportunity to recognise the permanent secretaries, saying, “They work magic every single day to meet the demands of the government ministers, department heads and the public.” He also touched on the upcoming public service transformation initiative which will incorporate greater inter-departmental collaborative efforts and break down silos. Focus will be on the development of a citizen-focused, technologically driven, highly trained, motivated and engaged staff, whose measurable mission will be to improve the quality of life for every Anguillian.
Following the official ceremony, invited guests mingled with the award winners while enjoying an evening of food and conversation.

Source: The Daily Herald