Pure Reggae vibes set for this Sunday

~ Featuring Remo and Barbwire Band ~

MIDDLE REGION–Pure Reggae, slated to bring good vibes that the entire family can enjoy, will kick off with Remo and the Barbwire Band at Buccaneer Beach Bar from 4:00 to 9:00pm Sunday, January 28.

An Xtratight production in collaboration with Buccaneer Beach Bar, the event will be held the last Sunday of every month and will feature different local artistes and bands.
Pure Reggae, the brainchild of music producer Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming, will be a philanthropic collaboration between Fleming and Buccaneer Beach Bar the whole year through, except during the Carnival season, as a way to help boost the island’s tottering economy, which took a blow after the passage of Hurricane Irma in September last year.
This Sunday’s featured artiste, Remo, former lead singer of Xplosion Band, is popular in the soca industry, but is also an amazing reggae entertainer which he sings with passion.
“The idea is to rotate deejays and bands. People can expect bands that don’t play reggae to see them there playing reggae,” said Fleming who started his own career through reggae music with his recording label Rock ’N Vibes in The Netherlands. “My footprint is actually in reggae. It is my forte.”
On his return to St. Maarten in 2011, he spent a number of years trying to launch a Pure Reggae festival, but later put the concept on the back burner and rolled out Night of the Hit Makers instead.
“Now that [Hurricane – Ed.] Irma has passed, I feel that there is nowhere for people to go. Down at Buccaneer Beach Bar it is nice and intimate. We chose Sunday because that is the family day. People can take a drive or go to the beach and chill. Later in the afternoon, the entire family, including the children, can enjoy the show. There will be no vulgar music; hence the name Pure Reggae,” he said.
Buccaneer Beach Bar is excited to host Pure Reggae alongside Xtratight Entertainment. “We are constantly striving to create a safe, fun and diverse atmosphere,” it said. Pure Reggae allows everyone to come down to Buccaneer and enjoy lunch/dinner on the beach with friends and family. The fireballs will be lit when the sun sets and drink specials offered all day long. “We welcome all who want a safe and fun place to unwind and enjoy our beautiful paradise under the sun.”
According to Fleming, everyone can expect the five “goods” – good music, good artistes, good deejays, good sound and good vibes. This is more about the vibes, rather than the mass crowd and will be free, he said. “From the stage to the lights, people can expect a production … a good production.”
Lights and sound will be done by Genesis Music Group.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72982-pure-reggae-vibes-set-for-this-sunday