Radio Maranatha offered Father’s Day breakfast at Bethany Home

MARIGOT–Radio Maranatha 100.3FM organised a traditional local breakfast for the residents of the Bethany Home on Saturday as a treat for Father’s Day.

On the menu was fruit, Johnny cakes, salt fish, eggs, cucumber, avocado, tomato, coconut water, cane juice and Bush tea, and much more.

“We came back here again after Mother’s Day this time to honour the fathers,” said Milan Berdier. “It’s our duty as a Christian community to share some love with them. Many of them don’t get any visits. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the fathers, to share some time chatting with them. We did this before and they appreciated it very much.”

Deacon Charles Rollan opened the breakfast with a prayer and entertainment later was provided by Tino and Michaeline.

Tino Renar paid a stirring tribute to the 17 elderly fathers in the home.

“You have so much experience to pass on. You are the salt of the earth,” he said. “You have this responsibility to be a beacon for the younger people because they look up to you, because you have made this long journey which in itself has been a gift. Be proud of what you have accomplished in life and don’t under estimate yourselves.”

Deacon Rollan said it was only natural to honour the elderly who had laboured hard throughout their lives.

“It’s a great joy to say thank you for everything they have done to permit us to be here today,” he said. “It’s hard to be in a home alone, so relatives you should visit them often at the Bethany Home. Let them know you still care for them and love them. They will enjoy the company and it will permit them to live longer.”

It was noted that one of the regular visitors to Bethany Home is former Mayor Albert Fleming.

Apostle Romney also expressed his best wishes and blessings for Father’s Day.

Source: The Daily Herald