RAPF demonstrates Firearms Simulation Training System

Marvin Holas, Ralph Johnson, Edson Charles, and Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison.

ANGUILLA–On Friday, May 18, the Royal Anguilla Police Force (RAPF) officially opened its new state-of-the-art Firearms Simulation Training System. Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison described the multi-functional capabilities of the programme to invited guests that included Leader of the Opposition Palmavon Webster.

The commissioner said, “It is important the Anguillian public know and be reassured that officers responding to instances where lethal force has to be used have been both properly trained and equipped to make the right decisions that have to be made in split seconds. This programme prepares the officers for those scenarios.

The firearms threat in Anguilla is well-known as shootings have increased since 2007. While targeted policing and restructuring of the police response to gun criminality has recently resulted in a 60 per cent decrease in the criminal use of firearms, the threat still persists as is evidenced by the continued arrests of persons carrying loaded firearms.”

The simulator was purchased by the RAPF through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It is pre-loaded with 600 different lethal force scenarios which can be updated every three months. Trainer Ralph Johnson and police officer Edson Charles recently returned from master instructor simulator training in Colorado, United States (US). The simulated training programme allows police officers to safely engage in the scenarios where their command and control skills, decision making, and weapon competence and accuracy are evaluated, practised and improved.

The invited guests watched officers Charles and Marvin Holas demonstrate the simulator capabilities as they actively responded to two simulated firearm scenarios. Two persons from the audience also participated, with one being Leader of the Opposition who said, “From the floor, I want to congratulate you and your officers for the transparency of the RAPF as well as paying attention to the rights of the individuals and safety across the board.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/76807-rapf-demonstrates-firearms-simulation-training-system