RCN launches its new website

The new RCN website.

SABA/ST. EUSTATIUS–Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN on Thursday officially launched its new website.

The new RCN website consists of an online platform for all relevant information about the services and departments of RCN. The latest news, vacancies and more information about working for the Central Government is also available.

Online visitors can easily find their way through eight theme blocks. These blocks send visitors along topics such as care, immigration, education and safety. Information can also be found via built-in search engines.

The text and formats have been updated, and information is available in three languages. The website is accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet and restyled in a modern, Caribbean outlook.

The new RCN website was created in collaboration with Platform Rijksoverheid Online (PRO). At this central platform, websites for organizations within the Central Government are managed and hosted.

The RCN website can be found at https://rijksdienstcn.com (Dutch), https://english.rijksdienstcn.com, and https://papiamentu.rijksdienstcn.com.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74274-rcn-launches-its-new-website