Reaching out | THE DAILY HERALD

The Seventh Day Adventist Adventurers and Garfield Pathfinders recently held an outreach programme filled with speeches, songs, poems and a sense of togetherness. Khalid Duggins, a member of the Adventurers, was the outreach programme’s preacher. He encouraged the groups to never give up and to press forward until they reach their goal. He will soon move on to the Pathfinders. Adventurers leader Militza Cornell-Maduro described the young preacher as “very vocal. He can speak his mind, as well as defend himself, and he can argue any case.” SDA Leader Sharon van Putten-Blair thanked the children for sharing their songs with the neighbourhood and neighbours for allowing the use of their electricity. The SDA School started its three-day graduation ceremony in Newton’s Pasture last night with a consecration service.

Source: The Daily Herald