Ready to ride


Lucky Stables at Seaside Nature Park has reopened to the public following repairs after Hurricane Irma.

The horses were saved using the principles of Roderick Halley’s natural horsemanship’s method: roaming free in a herd and simulating their natural behaviour on a daily basis. As the storm approached, the 70 horses huddled together, free in their choice where to go, but limited by the fences on the 30 acres of land, having to face the storm. The unquestioned leadership of the older mares that withstood Hurricane Luis 22 year ago to the day, moving as one, protecting as one, applying and embracing each individual to their role in the herd. In the end, their eyes were swollen from the salt blast, but otherwise they were without a scratch. The Lucky Stables team met the “magical” horses by the former riding ring, exhausted but safe, surrounded by a carpet of zinc, wood and other dangerous objects. To book a ride on a magical horse visit or call 544-5255. The stable is in Cay Bay. Riding lesson schedule will restart in March.

Source: The Daily Herald