Receiver now has authority to collect casino taxes

PHILIPSBURG–The Receiver now has the authority to collect outstanding casino taxes.  Finance Minister Richard Gibson said on Wednesday that he personally visited the office of the Receiver last Wednesday and hand-delivered the documentation that “opens the door and removes all barriers that existed before that barred the Receiver from collecting casino taxes.”

  Gibson had said during a meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament in December last year that he will be pursuing the collection of NAf. 13 million in taxes owed by the casino sector. Gibson had told Members of Parliament (MPs) during that meeting that this particular category of business owes government NAf. 13 million in taxes that has not been collected “and they can afford to pay.”

Source: Daily Herald
Receiver now has authority to collect casino taxes


  1. Good work Minister Gibson. Let’s see if the Receiver will do its job and collect from the “big boys” instead of constantly sucking the small man dry.