Reception hosts and guests donate to Voice of Youth


Guests mingling during the well-attended New Year’s reception jointly hosted by BZSE law office, Antek IT Solutions, and IEB Expertise Bureau.


BELAIR–The hosts and guests at Friday evening’s well-attended New Year’s reception of Bergman, Zwanikken, Snow, Essed BZSE law office, Antek IT Solutions and Independent Expertise Bureau (IEB) made a joint donation to Voice of the Youth St. Maarten Foundation.

  A collection among reception guests and the three host companies yielded US $3,600 in total. The proceeds will go towards the non-profit organization founded with the aim to address the lack of educational and social activities to stimulate effective communication among and with youngsters.

  It is Voice of the Youth’s mission to assist in the development of youngsters in the social, economic, cultural and governmental areas by offering integral education programmes.

  Members of the organisation have been very active in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. They assisted with the clean-up efforts in schools, senior citizens’ homes and Safe Haven, and assisted with the day-to-day functioning of the post-hurricane shelter for the homeless at National Institute for Professional Advancement, even though some had lost their homes themselves.

  They picked up trees, garbage from houses and lawns and even urine-infested books strewn in classrooms. “When the pressure could have caused them to retreat that is when they volunteered their efforts the most,” St. Maarten Youth Brigade’s project leader Patricia Arrindell stated.

  The donated funds will, amongst other things, be used to supply 12 Brigadiers with field uniforms.

Source: The Daily Herald