Regatta sailor drowns in Simpson Bay waters | THE DAILY HERALD


SIMPSON BAY–Police responded to a call from the Emergency Dispatch Centre on Friday morning, informing them that the man A.B.L. (55) from the sailing vessel Blowing the Blue Away had drowned in Simpson Bay.

  Police stated that the victim had been on island for the annual Heineken Regatta events and had jumped off the vessel to take a swim, but shortly afterward he started complaining of pain in his chest. Persons on board the vessel jumped into the water to rescue the victim.

  The Coast Guard and members of the Dutch marines in the area assisted in the attempt to revive the victim, but were unsuccessful. He was transported to the Coast Guard dock in Simpson Bay, where paramedics continued to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

  The victim had drowned and Dr. Swanston pronounced him dead. The body was transported to Royal Funeral Home.

Source: The Daily Herald