Registration for Carnival concert promoters open

PHILIPSBURG–All promoters/persons interested in securing a night to host a concert for Carnival 2018 may now express this intent to St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF).

SCDF is preparing the Carnival schedule for 2018 and, as customary, has issued a call to potential promoters of a Carnival night and opened registration for such.

Interested persons should email the Foundation at

[email protected]/* */ . SCDF will then respond with relevant information to enable the interested party to decide whether being part of Carnival 2018 is an option. The deadline to contact SCDF for a Carnival night is July 1, 2017.

SCDF clarified that the music genres/concerts of Reggae and Latin are off the table and no requests will be accepted for those two music genres.

“Carnival preparation is a year-round exercise. We start early with everything; concerts are no different. Annually we choose to offer the opportunity to host a concert in Carnival because there are some creative thinkers out there with concepts that could enhance the Carnival product,” SCDF said.

“This process has led to independent established brands such as Hit Makers, Flag Fest and Bacchanal Sunday that go along with One Love Reggae and Noche Latina of the SCDF. There is room for a few more so we’re curious about the kind of requests we will receive for Carnival.”

Source: The Daily Herald