Registration for Island Council election no later than July 27 | THE DAILY HERALD

ST. EUSTATIUS–New local political parties that wish to participate in the Island Council election in St. Eustatius on October 21 must register no later than July 27.

The election of the new Island Council of the public entity St. Eustatius will take place on Wednesday, October 21. On this day, Dutch residents in Statia can cast their vote for candidates for the Island Council. Non-Dutch nationals who are legal residents of Statia and have been so for an uninterrupted period of at least five years may also vote.Political parties can register at the Customer Service Counter (“Klantenloket”) of the Civil Registry (Census Office) at Chapel Piece Road #1. The names of the participating political parties will be registered in a special register that is kept up to date by the Central Voting Bureau.

A security deposit of US $225 is required. This will be refunded if the party submits a valid list of candidates after the registration request has been approved.Parties that submitted a valid list of candidates for the Island Council election in 2015 do not need to register for the upcoming election. This also applies to parties that are registered for the Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber “(Tweede Kamer”) election.

However, registration remains required if the party wishes to participate under a different name, or if the party wishes to merge with another party that did not submit a valid list of candidates for the last-held Island Council election in 2015.Political parties of which registration has been approved must submit the list of their candidates at the Civil Registry’s Customer Service Counter no later than September 7.

More information on the elections and registration can be found on the website of the public entity St.

Source: The Daily Herald