Rene Reehuis to launch first book at Ocean View Terrace | THE DAILY HERALD

Author Rene Reehuis reading from his “Comical Wisdoms.”


ST. EUSTATIUS–Rene Reehuis will launch his first book Comical Wisdoms at a presentation and signing ceremony at “his” Ocean View Terrace restaurant Friday, at 4:00pm. The event coincides with the grand opening of the venue following its recent renovation.

Comical Wisdoms is a collection of original sayings or aphorisms Reehuis has developed with an online peer community group based mostly in St. Eustatius. The group is called “With a Smile,” and their aim, according to the author, is “to promote the funny side of life.” One example in the book is, “I don’t make speling misstakes. They are just slips of the pen.”

“I originally wrote 250 sayings and my group of 40 Statians reacted and then voted on the final 100 published examples,” says Reehuis.

“It was not an easy task since the book is published in English and Dutch versions. Meaning and humour may easily be lost in translation, but we are really delighted with the outcome,” the author said.

Printed in the Netherlands, the book also contains humoristic graphics to illustrate the texts. “Writing such a book is a learning experience,” says Reehuis who had to acquire and master the techniques of online publishing and design.

“I wanted the book to jump out at the reader to remind everybody on Statia that life and living do not have to be a too serious experience.”

The books will be on sale in hardcover at Friday’s event. Invitations have already been sent out by social media as well as by flyers in government and commercial offices.

“Some interesting speakers will also be present to lend a note of dignity and celebrity, or neither,” jokes Reehuis.

Source: The Daily Herald