Renewed prospects | THE DAILY HERALD


Six students, namely Elexandrina Courtar, Natashanga Mitchell, Francesca Dembrook, Evan Hassell, Lorena Ademas and Allatosh Warner recently graduated from New Challenges Foundation’s (NCF’s) second chance education programme.

The graduation theme was “Fighters: An opportunity to try again after failing one time!” NCF Director Francine Foe said since the foundation came into existence it has nurtured more than 100 candidates in self-motivation and communication skills. NCF President Charles Lindo gave a toast celebrating the graduates’ achievement. This was followed by a sit-down dinner. A special part of the programme was one graduate and her two sisters serenading their mother Minerva Courtar-Suares with “A Song for Mama” as a birthday treat. Sjahairah Fleming was mistress of ceremonies and Julian Hinckson delivered the opening prayer. Graduates were wished well and encouraged to strive for more in several speeches from officials including Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers.

Source: The Daily Herald