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Foreground, from left Nadia Chirlias, Reanda Brandy, and Geronimo Juliet of the St. Maarten Red Cross Board, along with Red Cross volunteers, and residents of the seniors’ home.

BELVEDERE–Red Cross St. Maarten announced that renovations of the seniors’ home located in Belvedere are scheduled to begin in the first half of July. The seniors’ home renovations were due to start in March, but were delayed due to the new coronavirus pandemic.  Red Cross Curaçao and Bonaire raised a substantial amount of funds to help the St. Maarten community with the relief and recovery after Hurricane Irma in 2017, which caused significant damage to infrastructure and destroyed thousands of homes. With donations raised by our neighbouring islands, Red Cross St. Maarten continues to help with unmet needs for those impacted by Hurricane Irma, and support community-based recovery services in the affected areas.

“The people of Curaçao and Bonaire are very happy to help their fellow St. Maarteners. Now they will see the beginning stages of building back St. Maarten starting with the seniors’ home restoration from the received donated funds,” said St. Maarten Red Cross President Nadia Chirlias.

“The seniors are pleased and excited about the home repairs, renovations, and modifications, especially the fact that they will be able to remain in their homes during the home repairs and improvements. By completing these home repairs, we will be able to increase the safety, accessibility, condition, and liveability of [the – Ed.] seniors’ home [and] results will improve their well-being and maintain independence in their own homes.”Red Cross St. Maarten announced that renovations of the seniors’ home located in Belvedere, seen in photo, are scheduled to begin in the first half of July.

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Red Cross is also developing different community projects where the volunteers will provide essential services and other activities. Therefore, the organisation is inviting members of the community to register as volunteers, and become part of these projects.

“Our seniors are the pillars of St. Maarten, and the Board of the St. Maarten Red Cross, along with our volunteers, will do our part to assist with the renovation of the seniors’ home and livelihoods of our beneficiaries. The end result will be an upgrade and [a] more aesthetically appealing facility inside and out, and around the perimeter of the property,” said Chirlias.

“We believe these projects will enable seniors to continue living in an independent yet safe and functional environment.” For more information, call 1 721-545-2333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Source: The Daily Herald