Renovation of seniors’ homes to begin in March | THE DAILY HERALD

SMHDF representatives and residents of the seniors’ homes after a meeting.


BELVEDERE–The St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF) said renovation of the seniors’ homes in Belvedere is scheduled to begin in March. This was announced during a meeting of Parliament on Wednesday, February 19.

  According to SMHDF Director Helen Salomons, the renovations follow the signing of a partnership agreement between the St. Maarten Red Cross and SMHDF on December 13, 2019.

  “Renovations will be starting in March for the seniors in Belvedere, where the end result will be an upgrade and a more aesthetically appealing facility. But if all goes as it should, there will be new upgrades to other SMHDF homes that will make them just as appealing,” said Salomons.

  “Funds were raised both by Curaçao and Bonaire Red Cross, and one of the projects that has been selected is the renovation of the seniors’ home in Belvedere,” said St. Maarten Red Cross President Nadia Chirlias.

  “The people of Curaçao and Bonaire were very happy to help … St. Maarteners and assist with the restoration of St. Maarten,” she said.

  According to a press release issued by SMHDF on Thursday, Red Cross and SMHDF said that, by entering the agreement, they “exemplify the desire … to work together, sharing the same vision and commitment for the health and well-being of seniors in Belvedere.”

  The St. Maarten Red Cross has also announced it will be opening its third office location to coincide with the renovation works.

  “We congratulate the St. Maarten Red Cross on achieving one of their goals in giving back to the community by helping the elders,” said Salomons.

  “This new office will serve as a recreational office, and an assistance office for the seniors living in the residences,” said Chirlias. According to the press release, an assessment will be conducted with residents to identify their social needs, such as home help and visiting services.

Source: The Daily Herald