Repair work to district basketball courts start | THE DAILY HERALD

The district basketball court outside the Sister Regina school in Simpson Bay.

PHILIPSBURG – District Basketball Courts are getting a facelift.
Work has already begun at the court at Leonard Conner School in Cay Bay and the court outside the Sister Regina school in Simpson Bay.
The posts, backboards rims and fencing will be fixed or replaced as needed.

The spors complex in Cay Bay

sport complex cay bay

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, through the Department of Sports and its executive arm, the National Sports Institute (NSI), has started with the repairs over the weekend.
Materials for the courts have been carefully sourced and made on-island to ensure longevity through the easy removal of the baskets before any disaster, according to the ministry. 
The repairs will continue over the coming weeks at the various courts, including St. Peters, Dutch Quarter, Belvedere, and at the Melford Hazel Sports Complex and the Jose Lake Sr. John Cooper Ballpark.

Source: The Daily Herald