Repairing homes of elderly

St. Maarten Development Fund (SMDF) signed agreements with five contractors on December 1 for the repair of 24 houses as part of its Senior Relief Project.

SMDF Managing Director Keith Franca said that while the goal to repair as many homes as possible, the foundation wants to ensure “seniors are comfortable with the presence of the contractors and know that the contractors are working for us and them.” The process leading up to execution had been lengthy for quality control purposes; verifications were done by professional social workers who certified that identified seniors qualified. SMDF also enlisted experienced engineering and building professionals to provide cost estimates “to avoid over-inflated bids and in turn make certain that clients benefited from every guilder spent.”  Selected contractors are Confident Construction B.V., ARCCO N.V., Elite Development Team N.V., Denton Quality Construction N.V. and K & S General Construction.

Source: The Daily Herald