Request approved for Rogers, Halman to be considered for Chair of Audit Chamber | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Members of Parliament (MPs) on Tuesday approved a request from the Presidium of Parliament to forward the names of Jason Rogers and Ronald Halman to Governor Eugene Holiday for consideration to fill the post of Chairperson of the General Audit Chamber.

Chairperson of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams told MPs during a meeting of the Central Committee that Parliament received a letter from the General Audit Chamber on May 29, notifying the legislature that the General Audit Chamber’s Chairperson’s position would be vacant in August.

As is required, the General Audit Chamber recommended the names of three persons for the position and the Presidium of Parliament subsequently met on the matter on June 18, and selected the names of Rogers and Halman from amongst the three potentials to be considered for the opening. The third person recommended by the General Audit Chamber is A. Gumbs.

Halman is the current Chairman. He was appointed in August 2012 and he has sat for his term of seven years.

During the meeting, United St. Maarten (US) Party MP Rolando Brison asked whether there were any conflicts of interest or other issues with Rogers assuming the position since he currently holds the post as Chairperson of the Main Voting Bureau and whether this was considered by the presidium. Wescot-Williams said the recommendations of the names came from the General Audit Chamber itself and any potential incompatibilities would have been taken into account. She will, however, “put the question forward to ensure that there is no doubt” regarding this issue.

US Party MP Frans Richardson asked what the procedures were if parliament wants to recommend names other than those put forward by the General Audit Chamber to which Wescot-Williams said parliament would then have to decide on an amendment to the proposal from the presidium for the names proposed by parliament.

The Central Committee approved the request of the presidium and the matter will now be sent for further handling and ratification in a public meeting of parliament, following which parliament’s choice at that time will be forwarded to Governor Holiday.

Source: The Daily Herald