Réserve’s Renoux heads to Monaco for new assignment


MARIGOT–Romain Renoux, one of the key members and conservationists within Réserve Naturelle, has left the Réserve having accepted a new post in Monaco, where he will be in charge of the funds dedicated to the protected marine areas of the Mediterranean, as well as putting in place the mechanisms to attribute subventions to these protected areas.

Renoux joined Réserve Naturelle in 2010, where he was the representative for AGOA whale sanctuary and Caribbean coordinator of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of the Overseas (European) Territories (BEST). His experience working with the European BEST project, which has a similar objective, and for which he was responsible for the Caribbean hub, will be very useful in his new post.
He said he was pleased that the coordinated efforts led by St. Martin are recognised by all partners on the role the island plays as the regional hub in terms of protection of the oceans and seas.
Some of his achievements included initiating the first partnership agreement signed with an academic institution, the French Quarter College, in 2010; creating the discovery path at Etang de la Barrière, in collaboration with Conservatoire du Littoral; as part of the team identifying 818 marine species during a scientific mission in April 2012; and especially the promotion of the regional cooperation that took him throughout the Caribbean basin.
“We must remain vigilant on a daily basis for the preservation of the natural heritage of St. Martin, and maintain our capacity to react against any threats to the environment,” he said before leaving.
Renoux also assisted in the creation of Aruba’s marine park to enact a protected marine zone. Located on the edge of the most recently protected coastal areas on this high-volume tourism island, Aruba Marine Park is a continuation of Arikok National Park, the Spanish Lagoon —Convention on Wetlands (RAMSAR) classification – and Mangel Halto Beach.
The project, led by the Department of Nature and Environment, an official government agency in Aruba, benefits from financing from the European BEST programme for Overseas Territories, and which has provided 300,000 euros out of a total budget of 350,000 euros from May 2016 through April 2019.
Aruba has also received funding from BEST to define the perimeter of this zone intended to protect the island’s marine biodiversity, and to develop its management structure.
Romain Renoux, coordinator of the BEST programme for the Caribbean islands, met with the local creators of the Marine Park when he visited Aruba on February 20 to 22, in order to check in with them on the progress of their project, identify any potential difficulties, and be brought up to date on their early results.
Coming from St. Martin, where the Réserve Naturelle was created in 1998, he was able to explain to his hosts about the work accomplished, without hiding the difficulties they met with before the park was completely accepted by the population.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68492-reserve-s-renoux-heads-to-monaco-for-new-assignment