Residents opposed to fast food restaurant

Site of the proposed fast food outlet in Billy Folly.


SIMPSON BAY–Residents and businesses in the Billy Folly area near Pelican are very concerned about a proposal to open a fast food restaurant opposite Buccaneer Beach Bar and have organised a petition to persuade Government not to issue a business licence for this activity.

  According to residents, the business in question is a fast food restaurant named “Agi Pasta Away” (Classic Hospitality N.V.) that will be situated at Billy Folly Road 25 in the small office that used to be a parking/real estate office, across the road from Buccaneer Beach Bar.

  “Due to the constant traffic congestion on Billy Folly Road we oppose the granting of a business licence for this reason,” the petition reads. “The operation does not own any assigned parking on the premises in the Anchorage apartment building. As it is a take-out restaurant, the extra traffic is only adding to an already very congested area. The owner claims he would use the existing parking of the surrounding businesses.”

  Residents say they are not only concerned about the additional traffic and parking difficulties, but also the impact the kitchen operation (extraction system, etc.) will have on the immediate surroundings. 

Source: The Daily Herald