Residents urged to make consistent effort to properly dispose garbage | THE DAILY HERALD

POND ISLAND–Environment Minister Miklos Giterson urged residents “to make a conscious and consistent effort to properly dispose their household garbage” as a means of keeping the country clean.

  The VROMI Ministry continues its “concentrated efforts to keep the garbage haulers accountable to the terms of their contract, Giterson said.

  However, several instances have been noted where residents have dumped garbage in non-designated drop off locations, in ditches and other locales. “These actions are counterproductive and create unsightly and unhygienic messes. Please stop this, I cannot say this more clearly and plainly … we live on a beautiful paradise, let us all do our part to keep it so.”

  Aside from residents indiscriminately littering the country’s roadsides and neighbourhoods, uncovered trucks with household garbage, construction or demolition debris continue to traverse the roads with the trays uncovered. Travelling as top speeds and climbing hills along with windy conditions have led to much of the debris falling on the street and ending up on roadsides.

  Some truck drivers do not stop to collect the falling items and complete their journey to the dumpsite with much less garbage then they piled in the tray at the starting point.  

Source: The Daily Herald