Rewarding clean-up | THE DAILY HERALD

Group 8 of Sister Regina Primary School in Simpson Bay did a district clean-up last week. The pupils were sponsored by family and friends for organising the clean-up to raise money for their Group 8 Camp to be held before they go to high school.

Before the clean-up, the children were informed about the consequences of plastics in the ocean and the plastic soup which is polluting nature and, in the end, our own food. Lessons on plastic soup teach the pupils about the global impact of human activity on the environment and on our own lives. From that perspective the clean-up was connected to the global impact of climate change. According to the school, the lessons also connected to the theme “We are called to be grateful with nature, because preventing pollution is a way to share the planet with each other”. “Our generation shares this planet and nature with other people and living beings. We not only share the earth with our neighbours, but also with people on other islands and even with generations that still have to be born,” stated the school Sunday. The clean-up came about with many thanks to the chaperones, Dinghy Dock Sailors Bar and St. Maarten Yacht Club Sailing.

Source: The Daily Herald