‘RFA Mounts’ Bay leaves Anguilla after 3 day visit


RFA Mounts Bay Mexiflote delivering police vehicles to Anguilla earlier in the year.


ANGUILLA–The RFA Mounts Bay has left Anguilla and is currently embarking on her Wider Regional Engagement role, providing reassurance and support to United Kingdom (UK) Overseas Territories. The officers and crew are prepared to be called on to provide a rapid response to any emergency as they did for Anguilla and other territories after Hurricane Irma.

  The ship is under the command of Captain David Buck and has a crew of 80. On leaving Anguilla Saturday she was headed to Curaçao to undergo scheduled maintenance.

  The UK maintains a year-round naval presence in the Caribbean to provide a rapid response to any emergency in the Territories. The RFA Mounts Bay will also be involved in counter-narcotic operations working with partners in the region while continuing to react to any crises around the Caribbean.

  During the three-day stay in Anguilla officers and crew held a two-day search and rescue briefing and training for officers of the Royal Anguilla Police Force and the Anguilla Fire and Rescue Service. Some of the crew members also assisted with repairs to the Tender Loving Care Senior Citizens Home.

  The ship’s cargo includes tractors, diggers, trucks, quad bikes, command and all-terrain vehicles as well as tarpaulins, tents, and food supplies. This makes her ready for disaster relief along with the skills of the officers and crew. The mexiflote pictured enables delivery of these items on to a beach and was taken when the ship delivered two police vehicles sent from the UK in July.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72956-rfa-mounts-bay-leaves-anguilla-after-3-day-visit