Rhuggenaath PAR leader

Former political leader Zita Jesus-Leito and her successor Eugene Rhuggenaath.

 WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao’s caretaker Minister of Economic Development Eugene Ruggenaath was chosen by the party council to become the new political leader of PAR.

  He succeeds also outgoing Health Minister Zita Jesus-Leito. She was in turn elected as the new president of the board, succeeding now independent parliamentarian Eduard Braam.

  The announcements were made during a press conference. The choice for Rhuggenaath did not come as a complete surprise, since in the last elections he received almost twice as many votes as Jesus-Leito. With an early election scheduled for April 28 it was time to make the move.

  The new party leader said PAR wants to bring back peace and stability. He also hopes to rebuild trust in government and politics.

  Whether the snap election will continue as planned, remains to be seen. A Parliament meeting about this matter has been scheduled for Thursday on request of the “new majority.”

  The fractions of MFK, KdNT, PS and MP plus independent parliamentarians Braam (ex-PAR) and Gassan Dannawi (ex-MAN) have a combined 12 of 21 seats. They want the recent national decree to dissolve the legislature and call early elections reversed.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63845-rhuggenaath-par-leader