Richardson publishes volume four of ‘Dictionary of Good and Bad Loves’ | THE DAILY HERALD

Author Beverly Richardson has published volume 4 of her “Dictionary of Good and Bad Loves”.

 MARIGOT–Anthropologist from Galisbay in French St. Martin, Beverly Richardson has published the fourth volume of her Le Dictionnaire des Bons et Mauvais Amours (“The Dictionary of Good and Bad Loves”) just in time for Valentine’s Day 2020.

  Richardson’s anthropological study of love began in 2005, and ever since she has written numerous definitions of good and bad love affairs in the three previous volumes in this series.

  In the former volumes Richardson analysed and emphasised that love is not a single, but a multiple concept. “It is not even a wholly positive concept; rather, love has many different features and types,” the author explains.

  The scientific researcher has been dissecting the object “Love” into its different manifestations over the past 14 years, while presenting the characteristics of each of these.

  In the fourth volume of her dictionary, Richardson places more emphasis on the journey of men and women into the world of sexuality, and the normal and abnormal ethics of the act.

  In volume four the author writes that in our present day and age and all around the world, humankind is hunting for sex; others are victims of sexual abuse and harassment. “Then there are those busy selling sex while others sit in the comfort of their homes in front of their computers or mobile phones enjoying sex on the Internet,” Richardson says.

  The author also brings to her readers’ attention the “brutal negative effects that religions and sects have on friendships, relationships, love and sexuality between a man and a woman.

  “Such dogmas undermine, destroy, limit, frustrate, sanction or even kill the healthy, easy or natural feelings and emotions shared by a male and a female,” she says.

  This pushes human beings into a strange “undercover”, abnormal and at times abusive behaviour that brings no upliftment to their well-being nor to their spirit, the author states.

  Richardson argues that in the Caribbean region many live in religious societies that teach that one cannot go to heaven on good works, while others preach that certain couples are living in sin.

  “But love is not a sin, and a society is not made from religion, nor is it made from money love,” the author says.

  Richardson’s new book is all about getting to know the various forms of love, “and settling for the appropriate pattern in love, the kind of love you want to experience, nurture and cultivate with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, companion, wife or husband, for in the realm of love and sexuality, what is important for a man and a woman is to understand each other, to accept one another and to respect each other in lovemaking.”

  Copies of her book are available at the author’s office in Galisbay for a price of 52 euros or US $52. One may also call tel. 0690-11.07.69 or 17.55.59.

Source: The Daily Herald