Richardson says champagne toasts when the people are suffering is ‘shameful’ | THE DAILY HERALD


MARIGOT–President of Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion, Georges Richardson, said he disapproves of the cliched sentiments expressed by elected officials on St. Martin Day culminating in the traditional champagne toast when the reality is that poor people are suffering and losing hope.

  “The majority of the population is becoming poorer and poorer. Nobody seems to know how to get the people out of this darkness they find themselves,” said Richardson. “Every year politicians talk about cooperation. What is cooperation…cooperation begins with the population where you do everything possible to lift the people up higher. We cannot have cooperation with another country until we first learn to cooperate at home. This seems to have been lost in the wilderness. The ruling party has no idea how to save this situation.”

  “If you are going to talk about 370 years of unity, you have to talk about the 1648 Treaty of Concordia, not Christopher Columbus. We are not living the Treaty today. There was no flag on Hotel de la Collectivité for St. Martin Day and the streets were bare. Cooperate means to understand and agree. But since President Macron left, we are hearing nothing, nobody is coming to tell us anything. People are just living in a dream.

  “When they talk about reconstruction to me it means to reconstruct the mindset of the people so that they can be confident that tomorrow will be better than today. Is that the case today? No. Day by day we have lost confidence in the country and lost confidence in our local government. Nobody is really looking out for the people.

  “Something has to be done. What I want to see is that cohesiveness of love and understanding come back for the community. I don’t see it happening because there’s too much selfishness and not enough attention on the masses. I feel the November 11 should have had a different tone, a tone that should have been more uplifting for the people.”

Source: The Daily Herald